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2020-01-28 12:39:54 (UTC)

Hurting 💪😫

Gym! That's it. End of story. haha. Actually, I'll elaborate. Fricking gym yesterday worked on my weakest part of my body. Besides my brain, it's my arms. We did burpees, chin ups, push up, and dips. Today, my arms feel so sore. It even feels like it's falling off of it's socket it hurts so much. We did some bicycle crunches too and thank goodness for that because it was the only workout that didn't include arms.

All that work and I still weighed 161.3 lbs. Above my range. Sigh... One cool thing though. Yup, it's bragging. When under a certain light and a certain angle and certain part of the day like this morning, I noticed there is a vertical line going down my abs. Still no 2 pack but I'm seeing the middle line in between. Now I just need a marker and I can almost pretend to have nice abs. haha. For now, I'll have to settle for this almost seasonal ab definition.

Still can't punch my way out of a wet paper bag for now. haha

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