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2020-01-28 09:59:28 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: January 2020

[any identifying names and locations will be changed for protection and privacy.]


January was a quiet month for this. I've listened to the audiobook of their recent publication several times. I've given copies of the book to several friends of mine. I've also downloaded and listened to several hours of podcasts they've published. Whether I'll be driving there or flying there is still a dilemma, though I think I will be driving. It will take about 33 hours on the road to make it there, so that's easily more than 3 days on the road. I'll need approximately another week off from the day job. The advantage of this method is that I can bring plenty of stuff with me, including food and my bicycle. If I fly, it will be less wear on the car, less time in travel, and less cargo of convenience. Both are comparably priced methods of making it there. Still, taking the car out that way will provide more flexibility and I imagine I'll need it.
So I'll likely travel by car. I should move forward with that as my plan of action.

My secret santa game was completed earlier this week, just about 3 weeks past the soft deadline. I'm proud of the work and the end result, and although reception within the community has been muted (as in, it hasn't met my personal expectations), and the person for whom I made the game hasn't commented at all, feedback from people I actually know has been generally positive. I'm ambivalent about hosting the event at the end of this year, but maybe I'm feeling that way because I'm just a bit too close to it right now. It seems to me that it was riven with a bit more drama and negativity than it has been in the past.

Whether or not I need to continue to contribute to this "gaming community" is somewhat a dilemma of mine at this point, but as my holding pattern is to just keep my mouth shut and not contribute, it takes little energy to just flat-out ignore what I see as a lot of needless negativity. I may look into a more local effort to contribute to, and there's still the video game collective with which I exhibit games a few times a year.

The Global Game Jam begins this Friday and runs through the weekend. I'll be participating at the same location I've attended for the past two years, and I'm excited and enthusiastic about the event. I may consider developing a tabletop game this year, but I'm still not sold on it completely. I think I'll make the call Friday evening when I go to sleep. The night before I start work has consistently been a productive batch of rest and dreaming and deep thinking, so Saturday morning I'll have a clearer idea as to whether or not I'll be bringing game bits with me along with my laptop.

Regarding tabletop design: the Old West mining-themed roll n' write I've been working on is still going strong. I have made a few revisions in the past couple weeks, in particular after a useful designer's meeting at the start of the month. There's a roll n' write contest with a due date of 17th February, so I should focus some efforts into finishing up this version for release by that date. It will take artwork and a clear representation of the rules, so those need to take priority.

Additionally, I had a fun event with some of my fellow game design friends. We met at one designer's house for a "dice-packing party." He's a self-published designer of a collectible dice game, and after some speed bumps in the manufacturing process a lot of dice needed to be re-packed for shipping to his Kickstarter backers. We had a good time, and he seemed very pleased with the outcome.

The Glowforge is on my radar, particularly now that I don't have a software project to dominate my spare time. I've sent out example photos to people I know, and in early February I'll be making something for my brother-in-law. It might turn into additional orders. My -actual- brother wants me to complete a leather tag project for a golf tournament he does every year, and that will be a nice test of my capabilities. I've researched a leather supplier - which would include the leather for tags and straps, as well as metal buckles - and that will be a nice project that provides a fair amount of exposure to folks who might want to pay for similar items. We'll see.
I considered reaching out to the print shop I contacted in the middle of last year, to let them know I have a Glowforge, but I think I want more examples of what I can do with it - and do for his shop - before I contact him again.

Running in my brother's back yard with their family dog is definitely one of my favourite things to do when I visit them. I've only stopped by once this month, but it was fun. I gave my nephews their snap-together boxes, which they seemed to like and enjoyed decorating. My trip to visit my aunt in the midwest was snowed out. I ended up staying in a hotel at about the half-way point because in the early afternoon snow and ice were making the driving conditions untenable. There's another three-day weekend happening in February, so I hope I can make the trip at that point.

I rejoined an online dating website, and went on a first date with a woman last week. This week, we plan on catching a revival film at the cinema I regularly visit, and I'm excited about the occasion.

Speaking of the cinema, the manager and I know one another on a first-name basis there. He offered me a ticket to a special screening and director's talk for a new film that's to be featured on their big screen. That happens in mid-February as well, and I'm looking forward to the event. Additionally, I've become a "Wednesday regular" at a local comic book shop. The owner there and I chat about comics or other issues with the shop and the landscape of the industry, and I've also introduced myself to a couple of his other employees. It's a cool, local business and staffed by decent people. It would be nice to check in there for more board-game related stuff.

I spent the early part of the month recovering from whatever sinus issues had set me back. Despite that, my exercise regimen has continued. The morning routine occurs maybe six days a week, while bicycling is hovering round four days a week. I remain driven to stay physically active at least a little bit every single day. It's a system that I like and that I think works well for me. On the occasions I've weighed myself lately, my weight has hovered closer to 190 than 200, which is a pleasant development I'd like to see continue. With my unsophisticated scale it's difficult to determine what's muscle and what's fat, but the thing I think should stay as a priority is the daily physical activity.

I invested in a Berkey water filter this month. I think in February I will invest in an air purifier, intending to run it when at my computer and when I sleep at night.

The bicycling event is this Friday. The end point is a barcade with all the game cabinets set to "free play." What's not to love? :)

When I look back on this month, I'm reminded of a solid outpouring of creativity and creative efforts. I was beset with some health issues at the start, but those have mellowed out. I've started dating again. I'm staying physically and socially active. Things have gone well.

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