Do Not Disturb

2020-01-27 04:47:53 (UTC)


Why do I have to offer people some food if, it's only for me ??? That's what my Grandma told me when I came to the car because I had bought ME some food because it was only for ME and my Grandma was waiting for me to say it when they were just gonna say no anyways. 🙄

And then what upset me was I was 2 dollars short on my register tonight. And I only had a dollar in change so I went ahead and put it in their so it won't be short ( which i don't see how it was short anyways when I put a 5 in their but its whatever). She originally said it was $5.00 but she counted it again and said it was two. Worked with Ms. Terrie and she kept trying to check behind me saying that I was "too old to be checked behind and making sure everything is straight".

I just rolled my eyes and said whatever under my breathe. All I know is that I was ready to go and that I was really hungry and I eventually ate all my food nlah,blah,bkzh you don't care.

I got my check today not as much as I wanted since,she git me off 4 days from last week or before but it'll do. I just hope no one gonna beg me for it. My Grandma already asked me for 20 dollars for gas money. Other than, no more. I'm not gonna use my money up all in one day or two.

Anyways, going to sleep now goodnight

Mood- Sleepy

- A