Carrie notes
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2020-01-28 03:19:25 (UTC)

Changing My World

I asked my aunt to be my payee over my disability benefits about 10-12 years ago. That was when I decided to get away from men who were abusing me. Of course I had started going in out of jail about that time too. I thought it would do me some good to have help from my family.
Up until today I talked about how good it was to have my aunt as my payee. The biggest reason I did that was because I was always taught you never turn your back on family. You always help them out no matter what.
Well for years my aunt has verbally abused me! For years I chalked it up to the fact she might have too much on her plate. For awhile my aunt had been helping my dad with his affairs until he passed away.
Before I knew it my aunt and little brother were all I had left as far as family that would help me. But what came with it was plenty of verbal abuse. Yes, folks my aunt and little brother both abuse me verbally.
The thing of it is the thing they are doing to me is something I went to jail for many times. Many times I have been on probation and I will finish up my last bit of probation in July.
So instead of putting myself in trouble I choose to walk away from the abuse of my aunt and brother.

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