Experienced Life
2020-01-26 21:50:48 (UTC)

House looking better 👌

Bathroom, bedroom, fridge, patio table, that loony roomie rented is all clean (enough for me anyway) now. No trace of loony roomy. I can once again leave alcohol out on one end of the kitchen counter. Walk around semi-commando if I want. House can stay cleaner longer since I don't have to clean for loony anymore. My kitchen forks should last a lot longer between washes. Don't know why but loony would use 4-5 forks a day. Never washed a single fork, dish, or spoon in the year she was here.

Loving the peace and quiet now. House is cleaner. I'm happy. I lit a sage just to make sure no bad ju-ju is left. I can put my white wine outside in the back fridge again. Hehe. Life is good.

Had to leave the area rug outside to dry for now. Not sure how it will because it's pretty cold out tonight. But hey, if this is all the drama I'm gonna have for today, then life can't be that bad.