London Life
2020-01-26 19:58:07 (UTC)

Vertigo, Go-Falafel, Industrial Revolution buidings

It was just the three of us booked on the train for today's trip. Chrissie had to wait for John at the station so I found a new vegan cafe called Vertigo. At 11:50 they were still doing the breakfast menu, so I just had avocado on toast. I got a take-away, which was a good thing as it turned out to be a fair walk to the venue.

CityMapper took me an unusual way through a park and across a canal, and I had time to walk all the way back along the canal afterwards. Here there were more old warehouses than anywhere in the city, reflecting the industrial revolution heritage. One or two still looked abandoned, while others had become gyms, offices or band rehearsal rooms. I don't think any there were turned into flats.

I caught up with the Guardian at a coffee house near the station then got a wrap from Go-Falafel - I forgot to explore whether the nice little cafe in the "alternative" corner was still there /open. On the train back I managed to write a magazine article, which is due tomorrow.

Ran from the station as far as the Co-op despite wearing a warm jacket and heavy backpack, to get this week's total running up to 30km. (when I tried to write"total" then, it came up as "tits"!).

At home I started making cheese and lentil loaf for our lunches tomorrow and stripped off to go in the shower but suddenly felt sexy, so I had a very quick shave and put on my tiniest knickers and posed in front of the full-length bedroom mirror, feeling erotic. Jack wasn't back so I went to look at some on-line pictures. I realised I was neglecting the cooking but I could only use one hand for it, as the other was busy touching myself. I was cooking with a vest top on and nothing else, so my feet got cold.