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2020-01-26 14:40:09 (UTC)

Ding dong the witch is dead 🥳

Finally, loony is gone forever. Not going to hear from her again. They packed their crap and left. She paid for a year's rent total. Not bad because she'd usually last an ave of 3 months before she gets booted. I broke that record. She was so crazy, I should get a fricking medal. Her room and bathroom is disgusting. Probably never vacuum and for sure never steam cleaned. Bathroom tub never been scrubbed ever in a year. I'm a dude so dudes are usually messy. She is a woman so for me to think it's gross, that is bad.

I already hired someone coming in today to put in 5 hrs or work to clean this shit up. I am so glad that the thief is out of this house. I can deal with crazy but for me to live in a home with a thief, that I can't do. The only thing I need to do now is to readjust my budget. I didn't plan on her leaving so soon but I have to now.

That's the part about living alone that sucks. If I had a partner in crime (as opposed to this fricking criminal) it would be so much easier to pay the bills. Two incomes instead of just me. Share the rent, util, etc that makes it easier for both people. That in turn makes it so you can have greater and more vacations to enjoy. More money for better vehicles and impulse buying (haha). But yeah..for now, it's all on me. Peace and quiet is very very nice but it does come with a cost.

Here is how they left my place. Bathroom, bedroom, 2nd fridge was all hers for herself to use.