London Life
2020-01-24 23:58:53 (UTC)

Sexy film, shovelling earth

Got up at 7:30 and left at 9:00 to get to what I thought would be tree planting. Only when I got there did I realise I could have got up at the same time and done the Parkrun. However it seems the tree planting is actually next week, so I can do the Parkrun then. We were taught tree planting, so that we can assist 300 volunteers next week. Today we shovelled earth and extracted rocks to build a wall.

Eva was in charge, looking pretty and full of life, her complexion has improved. Toyin was the life and soul as ever. Abi was a bit subdued after being kept awake by a neighbour. Amanda looked very pretty, it was a privilege to be with her. Afterwards I ran home via the river, Finsbury Park and Arsenal stadium.

I was cold when I got home but although Jack would want the heating on, I believe in putting-on-a-jumper (and black polyester skirt and long socks). I had a relaxing time reading the paper, had a proper bath, then started looking at an old USA film called Flesh Gordon, which fascinated me when I saw it on telly aged about 12.

A lot of it is peurile toilet humour, and the plot is some boring stuff about a mad professor, but what stuck in my mind at the time was three fake nurses who wore stiff pleated skirts that were designed to completely flap up at every slight bend over, rather than vice versa. My friend called them anti-skirts. I remember thinking the girls might say "eek, my skirt has fallen down and covered my knickers, how embarrassing". Not that their knickers covered their bottoms at all.

The main actress got to wear a low-cut-to the waist backless thong outfit throughout the film (including a snow scene), easily pulled open to go topless when required. There was also a well-endowed topless cloakroom attendant, I remember being envious of the actress, being able to appear in a film dressed like that

The three "nurses" were nude at times. One of them cowered behind the other in fear, while casually fingering her friend's breasts. And the various scantily-clad / topless girls who stood in the background (as guards) were forever caressing each other.

I was so busy freeze-framing bits of this film, I didn't have time to do any cooking.