deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-01-25 09:42:49 (UTC)

my task

Good morning Master,
i write this as i wait for Your hopeful arrival. i didn't get to my task until yesterday so documenting it this morning. Late morning yesterday i went to the "facility" in my building. It is a fairly large one in a rectangular shaped room with 5-6 stalls along the right side and one additional handicapped access stall at the rear. Sinks and a long mirror lie along the opposite wall.
i entered a stall and sat as though i was there for usual reasons. Being Friday i was dressed a bit casual so didn't have a dress or skirt which may have made it somewhat easier. Rather the slacks made it difficult to widen my legs as much as i would have liked. i leaned back a bit and fantasized that maybe You were waiting outside in the hall, having sent me in to perform this task and return to You with my cunt wet from having made myself cum. Using my middle finger i rubbed down my clit and through my outer lips. With my eyes closed i continued thinking of You and the fact that i was executing Your instructions.
i continued this for perhaps 3-4 minutes until someone else entered the room. More than making me nervous it interrupted my state of mind and since You said i did not have to cum, just masturbate in a public rest room, i collected myself, washed my hands and exited with the vision that You were waiting for me outside.
Thank You for assigning me this task.

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