London Life
2020-01-24 23:16:29 (UTC)

Flavia and Soho

Got into work hopeful of clearing my backlog of application forms, then doing the Top 100. But I got given a task of checking lots of stuff on the finance system, which I immediately managed to lock myself out of.

At lunchtime I cycled to Russell Square to do litter picking. I had thought of not going, but I knew Flavia would be there. She arrived late, then we worked together with Liz who said in a knowing way "you two have been doing a lot of tasks together" and even mentioned if in the report.

I'm thinking of inviting Flavia to football when my brother can't make it next week. We had several hugs, and she said I had to record my ride back so I could include our picture. Her liking for me, so much more than anyone else, is so unfathomable that if it was a television drama or a film, you'd assume she had a hitherto undisclosed motive. She looked good today with her hair down (as did Beth HF, she's very pretty,).

I see my favourite topless model is back from Brazil, she is my secret favourite volunteer, so we'll have to see what happens if they both turn up next week. Back at work, I got in more of a tangle with one or two of the applications, mainly because of my neglect due to other pressures.

It was lucky Elina was off sick - she sent me pictures of the blotches on her face, so I said it must be the deadly Chinese virus - as she'd wanted to go out for food with me today when her boss left early, and I really would have been too busy. She sweetly said she was glad I'd be in on Monday. as if would "be boring otherwise" .

Managed to leave at 17:30, and walked with Jack through Soho, always an interesting and lively place with it's variety of independent pubs, clubs, little theatres and restaurants. We had a meal at the Hare Khrishna place, and a coffee and a tea cake opposite my old office.

Got home quite early, and just for once, I wanted to relax on the sofa for a bit, so we watched a television programme about Monty Python. Earlier I spoke to a man about the mice and he's coming to look on Wednesday. I don't think they use "humane" methods though.