London Life
2020-01-24 22:53:04 (UTC)

Horrible mouse, Mayor's question time

Thurs 23/01/2020
Worked from home, then remembered I wouldn't be able to run to work tomorrow as I've got my laptop to take in. I saw a horrible big mouse coming out of the kitchen. I screamed very loud and it ran off somewhere. We need to get a man round to sort it out.

In the evening we went to Wood Green for People's Question Time. Jack IMd to say he was late due to train delays, but he didn't mention how late he'd left work. At the venue door, which looks like a former cinema, they told us there was no refreshments inside so we went to a lovely traditional coffee place opposite. Then when we got back in the venue, of course there was a snack stall and a water dispenser.

The question time featured the London mayor Sadiq Khan and several GLA spokesmen including a Green, a Lib Dem and a Tory. The audience chairs were very comfortable, not something you used to expect from this sort of event. This was good, as I often think these sorts of events, though well intentioned, are a bit pointless (it's Jack who really wants to go).

Trouble is, lots of things that get asked about, are the responsibility of individual boroughs, not the mayor, and lots of things people complain about are due to central Government austerity, and their refusal to bring in rent control. Several questions were about issues local to Haringey.

I did learn that the mayor has trebled the number of cycle lanes, there are many more BAME police and he's rolling out small video cameras for police. He also wants more car-free days.