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2020-01-23 18:42:22 (UTC)

Adios Loony Roomie😤😤

Soooo.. Loony roomie reared her ugly head out today. Yesterday when I got home, she was asking me for help to find something. It too 20 min before I finally figured out she lost her phone. She asked me to call her thing at one point. I'm thinking call your pussy? haha. Then she said to to use this (Pointing to my Alexa). But after 20 min, I figured it out. Called her number. It rang but we didn't; hear it in the house. I tried and tried but no sounds. I asked her a few questions to trace back her steps. Where she went, did she get picked up, dropped off. Did she go to the pizza place around the corner. Then she snapped and said "Why are you asking me all these questions? Fuck!" So I said don't get mad at me, I just got home and you are grilling me to find your phone. I don't know where it is.

So she again said fuck fuck fuck to me. I walked away and ate dinner at some fast food place. Got home hoping she'd be asleep. Started taking my shower and she was knocking on my bedroom door non stop. She can hear the water running but nope, she kept knocking. Finally yelled that I am taking a shower!

Got out, asked her what she wanted. She asked again to call. Told her it's probably not here. I asked if she went to the pizza bar and if she got a ride to and from. She kept telling me it's impossible that she doesn't have it. She go into the house so it must be here. Trying to understand her logic, I asked how opening the front door lock means you had your phone? In addition, she forgets to lock the front door anyway when she leaves so that could have happened too. She said no. I told her tough. I'm the landlord and it's not my problem. I told her to check out the pizza place and see. She again said it was impossible. Anyway, we went to bed.

The next day, she asked if I found the phone again. Again, I said no and I was not in the mood. I needed my coffee. So I got my coffee, went back into my room and got ready for work. Got my drinks for gym, gym clothes, etc, etc and started loading up my truck. Couldn't remember where I put my keys so no biggie, grabbed my spare that was hanging on the wall. Went to look for my backpack with my laptop. Checked the truck, family room, bedroom, but I couldn't find it. I thought "on no, I left it on my truck tonneau cover and it slid off yesterday.

Then it hit me. It was on the chair in the kitchen. So... yeah. knocked on loony-roomie's room. She wouldn't open it. Tried to open the door but it was locked. haha. I got the keys. Unlocked the door and said " I know you took my backpack. I need it for work".She looks at me and said "I don't have it". Then she said "You have my phone! It has to be in the house because I got in and you have it!". I screamed at he and said give me my things. I need to go to work. So, she handed my my truck keys which I didn't even know she had!!!!!!!!

Again, I asked her where my bag is. She again said "Nope, you give me back my phone and I 'll give it back to you". Ok bitch!! Game on!! Started yelling at her at the top of my lungs calling her every nasty thing I could think of. I started tossing her room upside down. Good thing it wasn't too long. I found my bag in one of her bins. At that point, I called her health care provider and told her she needs her ass out of here. Told loony roomie to start packing for a few days worth of clothes, meds, and her laptop. She is going to be picked up and dropped off at her bf's house. He wanted to place house with her and make her move to another County that will cause her to lose her Eye specialist Dr. Her Physical therapy because she walks with a gimp and shuffle, and she needs to have prescriptions that changes due to her mood and mental understanding of what the world is around her. But that's another story. She'll be in bad shape shortly without those Dr.s Not my problem.

She refused to pack. She then said she'll just smoke in the house. Told her not to and to do that outside. She instead open the back sliding door and smoked in the house. I grabbed her and put her outside to smoke. In return, she takes a puff and blows it in my face. How nice. If my babe was here and saw that, she'd pummel this bitch. She protects her man for sure. haha. Anyway, I locked her outside for a few min. Then I opened the door and told her is she packs, I'll let her in. It was cold so she said ok.

Her health care provider came (which she fired btw). Helped her pack and they finally left. Health care provider had a key to my place and she gave it back to me. Loony roomie's is lost. Don't know where it is.

Later that afternoon, the health care provider texted me saying she found loony-roomie's purse at the pizza place like I thought it may be. haha. Told her loony roomie is still not permitted back. Health care provider will pick up the purse and take the key before handing it to her loony's new bf that will do all the paperwork to change medical in that new County they are moving too. Good luck with that dumbass. It takes 3 months as it is to set that up in the first place. Pretty much she won't have medical help now. They will have to schedule a date with me to pick up the rest of her crap. I poked around her room. Saw some things that I owned that she took. Little things so I let it go. Apparently, little things can become big things like laptops. haha

Finally got to work. Busy as heck but I managed to get my project somewhat back on schedule. After work, I hit the badly needed gym class today. Worked out with my 2nd generation cliques because I sort of lost some of my original core gym peeps so we adopted newer ones. Two ladies that are pretty good so we still rock as a team when the gym members get split up into smaller groups of 4 or 5. Ropes were a burn for sure. Bird planks? Ugh.. Running step up on a box? Yeah... Hamstrings will hurt tomorrow for sure. But after the gym, I was once again in my happy place.

The good news? Got home. Nice and quiet. Also, I get to lounge in the family room sofa commando style!! Yeah baby :) After a year, I finally get to kick back commando in my family room.

Pic of today's workout and me kicking back.. Now I get to clean the house and maintain it without loony's crap everywhere.

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