Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
2020-01-23 12:00:00 (UTC)


Tock follows tick as the clock just refuses to stick, the time keeps rolling by as those around you start to fly. You think it might be you, but you watch and and your dreams are strewn. The world might stop for your one comment or opinion, your generations “problems” and “struggles” that those before you have endured, but the tock will follow tick until your days are finally numbered.

The sun will rise in the morning and you pale into insignificance, built to dream and evolved to believe, but really we fade into the background when compared to the world around us. Have you ever felt the world? Truly felt the things around you that have stood for hundreds of years and will continue to stand long after your gone? Ever wondered the wonders that the trees have seen, or marvelled at the story the sea could tell. We’re here only shortly but we seem to think we’re owed something.

Sitting in silence, darkness around me like a cloak, the clock starts to tick but there’s no tock until I woke. The sun has risen but the darkness here remains, eyes open, mouth closed, waiting for it to stop. But the time just keeps on wandering as the world just passes by, the shadows just keep dancing as the sun moves through the sky. We made the time for following, to make sure all was due. But who’s to say it’s law to all? Does that honour fall to you?

Take a second, stop in thought, learn something about yourself. Not the person that the world sees, or the person you want to be, but the person who you truly are and grasp it, hold it, freeze. You’re not truly you until you know you, but if you think you truly know you, your delirious. To be able to be someone else makes you a monster, but its the game we all play. Just some of us are better, as the modest man would say.

Walk a hall of masks, a face for every day, endure a mile in my shoes and then you may have your say. But don’t question who I am, I know my very name, I’m not truly here you see, I’m just a soundtrack to this fucking game.

“You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge...”