Carrie notes
2020-01-23 02:15:19 (UTC)

Franklin Plaza VS Barton Apartments

I moved into Franklin Plaza April of 2019. I must say it has been interesting and then some.
1. Donald Paradis found me after I moved over from Barton apartments and basically said I wasn't doing any better. News flash for him things are different because he is now gone.
2. Lydia Wilkerson-Boykie went crazy and wound up in the mental hospital.
3. I took a write up because someone said I was too bossy.
4. Today at coffee a couple of women decided to act like 2 year olds .
5. Tammie Shockey a neighbor on the third floor is a pack rat and wonders why she is getting bugs in her apartment.
Oh but it is a lot better than Barton apartments.
1. I met Donald Paradis at Barton apartments and found out he was a convicted murder.
2. I wasn't centrally located like I am here at Franklin Plaza.
3. The neighbors got so damn noesy I wound up getting in trouble for putting them in their place .
4. When I wanted to go get a food box I always had to find a ride.
5. I was stuck in the middle of no where when I lived at Barton apartments.

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