London Life
2020-01-22 23:33:15 (UTC)

Serving food and clearing plates

Security contacted me this morning and had already made me a new pass. I'm going to hang it round my neck as you're supposed to, instead of putting it in my handbag, so maybe I won't strand myself outside the Ladies' in future, due to leaving it on my desk.

I met Jack for lunch and we went to a stall which was offering free doughnuts with vegan ice cream. We were put off by the queue, but went to a nice tiny independent coffee place until the queue went down a bit. Elina came up to see me briefly, standing next to where I was sitting and nicely presented her large, round, partially-exposed breasts a couple of centimetres from my eyes.

Went to football in the evening. I managed to find a volunteering task which amazingly was within 2km of the football ground and the timing fitted in perfectly. I saw Pete S and some other fans at Waterloo East, but lost them somewhere en route - I changed at London Bridge with a four-minute window.

I was helping serve meals, collect plates, scrape off discarded food and wash up, at a school where they serve meals for vulnerable adults and some families. I didn't see the other girls I was expecting. At first I thought there wasn't enough to do but I soon got busy.

At the ground I stood with Vit and Davinia. The match was a bit drab and our lot were punchless without Mitro. Just squeezed onto a packed train back to London Bridge. When I was peeling off my layers on the tube, I realised I still had the apron on, from the kitchen.

I followed a mini-skirted girl onto the tube, then saw an even sweeter one, plus another with a split up the front, which doesn't really work. Rather than crossing her legs she has to kind of hold it together.