London Life
2020-01-22 15:14:23 (UTC)

Flavia again - tight hugs and sexy pictures.

On Tuesday I didn’t hear anything about my work pass. The helpful man at the front desk is getting used to giving me a temporary one daily. In the evening I went to CA in Lambeth, as I couldn’t go to Somers Town on Wednesday, but there weren’t nearly as many people I knew, compared to last time. Nicky and Phil were there, also the very sweet Frances C who never talks to me unless I approach her. Beautiful Sophie was apparently there but I didn’t even notice her, and I exchanged a few words with Tom B. Not for the first time, two girls separately talked to me as if they knew me, including one who used my full name when she was trying to help me balance, in one exercise.

Mainly I talked to my apparent number one fan, Flavia. At first I thought she had a new favourite, but it was her friend from Italy who’s going home next week. We had to sort some canopies into clean and dirty ones, but as we had so many people, I think I only actually did one. I talked to Flavia all the way back, and she again took a picture of us tightly hugging each other. I found out a bit more about her boyfriend split-up, she was with him for five years although he lives in Birmingham; she's 26 so that's most of her adult life. It seemed quite acrimonious as she's left some clothes and kitchen stuff in his house. I told her she has to move on and start again.

She'd asked me to guess her age and I got it right, as I'd been looking at her Facebook pictures, going back to her university days and before. There are some great pictures of her looking superb with her hair down, in short dresses and skirts, with her very sweet smile, and others showing off her great figure in very skimpy bikinis. In one of them, she appears to be wrapped round another bikini-clad girl. We’ll see each other again on Friday lunchtime, though sadly she won't be in a bikini.

So I could spend some time with Jack, we were supposed to find a vegan café nearby to eat beforehand, but we got a bit confused about which places were open. He reckoned we could get an 88 bus, until he was saying we needed to go to Brixton and were going in the wrong direction, and I pointed out that the 88 doesn’t even go to Brixton. He got us on a 35 but that was going in the wrong direction and eventually we got another bus to Brixton. I shouldn’t rely on Jack’s planning, I should double-check myself, but I haven’t always got time. Anyway we didn’t eat until 18:20, in a chain cafe, we had a long chunky roll instead of getting half-length each. As a result I got a stitch and was struggling with the fast group on the way to the task.