Carrie notes
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2020-01-21 22:21:52 (UTC)

Danna Robintin

Dayna Robintan a name that was once on my friends list! Now just the mention of your name is a whisper in the wind. You started working down the hall from me when I lived at 5306 West State Street apartment 306 Boise Idaho 83703. At first you came across as a nice person.
Then you met the want to be maintenance man who wanted to fuck me up the ass. Like nobody was supposed to know what you were doing you sat in the parking lot of Barton apartments smoking marijuana. You even told want to be management I was creating a problem when it was really you and John Pennington the maintenance man who were crating the problem.
Oh but that's okay cause I knew you were all nothing but trouble from day one. I just don't see why you have pin your troubles on other people instead of taking responsibility for your actions.