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2020-01-21 00:55:44 (UTC)

Happily Single

After all the bad relationships I have had over the years it's safer for me to remain happily single. Don't get me wrong men can be good friends, I say this because I have 2 friends that are men. It's nice to say they don't expect more than friendship!
I'm just tiers of:
1. Being abused and going to jail for it
2. Mr. I'll date you and every other woman that comes along
3. Or the guy who rather go to work to support his drug habbit but not pay his bills
4. Or the jack ass who won't support himself at all.
5. Or the loser who comes to see me just for sexual favors.
6. Let's not forget the convicted murder
It's been interesting to say the least how all these men worked their way into my life. But I really didn't like walking on eggshells!