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2020-01-21 00:33:07 (UTC)

Top 5 YouTube Couples That...

Remind Me Of My Husband & I.

Instead of counting down my favorite couples, I'm going by which couples remind me most of my husband and I. Before, I do that, I want to talk about other YouTube couples I like - ones that aren't on the countdown, basically. Okay...

Ken (CinnamonToastKen) & Mary
- They seem like great parents.

Ethan (CrankGamePlays) & Mika
- They are a cute couple.

Endigo & Maya
- They both seem cool as hell, especially Maya.

Eric Beckerman & Tori Vasquez (reactors on FBE)
- They both seem like laidback, cool, sweet people.

Matpat & Steph (The Game Theorists)
- They're both smart, cool people.

Okay... Now, the countdown!:

5. Felix (Pewdiepie) & Marzia
- My husband was intelligent and had a dark sense of humor like Felix. I'm not a whole lot like Marzia, but they are so playful and goofy with each other and that reminds me of my husband and I.

4. Greg (Armoured Skeptic) & June (ShoeOnHead)
- The way he always messes with her and the way she annoys him - so cute!

3. Mark (Markiplier) & Amy
- My husband asked me one time after seeing a little bit of Markiplier, "Why do you watch people on YouTube just like me?" Markiplier is a lot like my husband and at my best, I'm a little like Amy.

2. Sean (Jacksepticeye) & Evelynn
- Sean reminds me so much of my husband, that I used to ask him, jokingly, if he had a secret Irish son. I'm not a whole lot like Evelynn, except for that she seems to be very mellow, quiet and laidback and that is what I'm like most of the time.

1. Ethan & Hila (H3H3 Productions)
- I'm a lot like Hila - very quiet and shy. Ethan is like my husband just in his overall goofiness, but there may be big differences personality-wise and in general outlook (mainly political, probably). I love them as a couple, though. They are, indeed, my favorite YouTube couple and that has to be the bias of how much they remind me of my husband and I. I think Hila calms down Ethan's nerves (which, my husband actually did for me -- and maybe I, for him, as well?) and Ethan helps Hila overcome her shyness. The way he looks at her and talks to her, you can tell he really loves her. And I can say the same for the way she looks at and talks to him. Also, I love the way he calls her 'dude' all the time. Lol. They are so genuine and an example of true love. Not that the other couples don't have true love (though, I think it's a bit soon to say for Sean and Evelynn - Just a bit. They are still a somewhat new couple.), but personally, I relate to Ethan and Hila the most.