London Life
2020-01-20 00:25:07 (UTC)

ParkRuns, missing the fetish night

The weekend was quite strange. I helped out at Alexandra Palace ParkRun with Rebecca, Liz and Vicki, who’s son did the run. We stood in front of an icy patch, veering people off to the right. It gave me a chance to get to know Vicki. Lots of people I know were doing the run, including Mumtaz, Julie, Rob, Carole, Damien and Charlotte. Julie said that I’d told Mumtaz she was one of my favourites. I think I did but it was surprising that Mumtaz told Julie, and also that Julie told me. Embarrassing actually. I just said “had I been drinking?”. Though I did seem to bond with Julie at the Ironbridge weekend, even stopping for a coffee with her at Wolverhampton, so risking not having time for a vegan pizza.

I’d originally put down for a Haringey session which Julie and Liz were doing – it was 10:00 and they were talking about somehow going for a Weatherspoon’s breakfast and still getting to Turnpike Lane for 10:45. However, the reason I’d pulled out was so as not to miss the post-run café session. We walked quite a long way up to Muswell Hill to a Roni’s bakery, which had a huge selection of breakfast options. Talked to Charlotte’s friend all the way there, who I’d seen briefly in the pub last week, and as usual had good chats with Rob and Carol in the café; they happened to meet Sean, formerly of Camden, at a ParkRun in Sligo. Vicki came and sat at the end, and Charlotte and her friend were opposite. Mumtaz was to my left, and there were a mystery couple at the other end.

I got a 134 bus all the way home, after initially running for a different, not-so-good route down the hill, only to find it went a different way at the roundabout. When I got home I went to bed, as I’d stayed up looking at my phone until 2:00 last night, so I was really tired and was planning to go out all night to Zara du Rose’s fetish night, which I booked late last night. I vaguely remember hearing Jack coming in when I was half asleep, but he didn’t realise I was in. Woke at 18:00, and caught up with the news and listened to BBC London Introducing, not getting my fetish outfit ready until too late, so that I didn’t leave until after 22:15, and the thing started at 21:00 (though I was a bit nervous this time and didn’t want to arrive when it was empty).

I’d left the house and went back to get my ID in case I needed it. I tried to download the ticket onto my phone from the email, but it just wouldn’t work. It warned “do you want Google to download this” and it just wouldn’t respond to me pressing ‘Allow’. I tried and tried, and even when I forwarded this message to another email account, I couldn’t get in to that because it reckoned there’d been a fraudulent try to access the account, and it wanted to send me codes, use Captcha, etc., none of which would work. I was trying for an hour to get something to work and in the end I just gave up. It was especially frustrating to find out later from Facebook that my favourite stripper-friend Emily was planning to attend.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I went to bed at 12:30, and only woke at 07:55, and I had to be at Caledonian Park at 08:30 for junior ParkRun volunteering for a trial event. It was great to see the kids running round the course, and they had a great finish point, through the arch of the tower. Sally, Abi and Dom were among the other helpers. At home the broadband wouldn’t work (again) so after the EFL show, I listened to the returned Danny Wallace on Radio X – still very amusing. I deplore their concentration on old records these days, but it was great to hear ‘Girl From Mars’ by Ash. Eventually I got a bus down to Peckham (see yesterday's entry).