Chasing Happiness

What is Love?
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2020-01-20 05:50:52 (UTC)

What is Love?

What is love?
In my life I have known love in many forms. That of a parent and a child, of family and friends. I have been blessed enough to know the unconditional love that comes from those closest to me. What I have never experienced is the kind of love that comes from a partner. I have never once in my 38 years been that special someone to one person. I spent 15 years married to a person who always had one foot out the door. Who bluntly told me that they were never in love with me not even for a moment. I was a caretaker, a responsibility. Someone they needed but not someone they desired. Im not feeling sorry for myself I know I have alot of life left. I just wonder if the kind of love I've been denied really exists. Will I ever meet someone who truly sees me? Someone who burns for only me? Will I ever know what it is like to be someone's number one? Will I ever experience passion? My past experiences have left me doubtful as to whether or not that kind of love really exists. I want to be hopeful but I find it hard to believe in something I have never experienced for myself.

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