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2020-01-19 16:54:32 (UTC)

Why ???

I forgot my work shoes last night while I was at my Grandma's because I didn't know if I was suppose to spend the night at my uncle house with my Grandma. I mean how was I suppose to know and it was at the last minute then I forgot my apron but hopefully they have an apron at work but at least I have my hat. It was at the last minute and so much was happening yesterday with the funeral and all. They was trying to get me to wear boots to work but I kept telling my mother that I can't wear boots to work it has to be slip resistant shoes. And then my uncle gave me some black shoes it has holes in them but they will do for the day because my mother said she doesn't feel like going all the way by the house. And I didn't even get the chance to charge my phone.

Also... Why does everybody always gotta say something about what I do and what I'm wearing. Like the other night, I thought I had an order right but I kept giving out the same order to the same guy because he kept bringing it back and now the whole store knows and I know for a fact that Ms. Terrie told them because they wouldn't have said it in the first place or it could be Shawana or however how you spell her name.

Ughhhh !!!!!


I'm really trying to find another job I'm really am because I'm tired of these people getting onto me about stupid shit.

Also,my mother kept yelling at me because she was mad and frustrated about whatever stuff she was frustrated and mad about like she always do and I hate it then it gets me upset so I just don't say anything at all and just keep to myself. Maybe that's my problem I need to speak out more and just say how I feel even if people don't give a fuck.

Also, I hate it when people always make me feel like I don't know what to do when I know what to do. They make me feel like that everyday at work that's also another reason why I'm trying to find another job.

10:43 P.M. ~ You remember my bully right.... Kayla ???? Well, she texted me saying she found me on Facebook. I mean their has to be some other reason why she texted me out of the blew. Her and the guy that I use to date that was her boyfriend is now broken up. Good for them. I'm over him. I been over him ever since, high school days. I don't know. Maybe she wants to makeup f ou r list times. Maybe I don't wanna forgive her. Isn't that an option???? I mean she told me to go kill myself that's basically bullying and over text. That's cyberbullying. I guess that's also how I got into my depression and feeling sad and what not.

Me and Brandon talked the other day. He told me he wants to have sex with me but has a girlfriend because he loves her and wants to be with her. I admit that hurts me like hell and I have to face him tomorrow night when I go to work is going to be harder than, I thought. I'm going to be single forever....😓😓😓.

It's like every guy that I like either has a girlfriend,wants me for sex, or just isn't interested in me at all.

Why am I not interested enough to be in a relationship with ??? I mean yea I get emotional at times. Yea I get shy but I'm funny once you get to know me and I tend to open up more.

Is it because I'm different???? Do I need to be like other girls ??? Idk. All of this really has me thinking.

Anyways, today had could've been better hope tomorrow for the best.

Mood : Emotionally stressed

- A

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