London Life
2020-01-19 23:57:10 (UTC)

Flavia, keen again

I went down to Peckham to help with a litter pick. I'd had an idea this was tree-planting, but checked and it wasn't. But it was one bus ride all the way, and it gave me an incentive to do a long run, to get home. There was only one other person I knew signed up, Flavia, and I couldn't remember who she was.

Turned out Flavia is that girl who always attaches herself to me, almost as if she fancies me. Today she said she only came because I was there, and later said I was her favourite. I gave the lame reply "I know", instead of saying "I bet you say that to all the girls", though I did kind of get that in later.

She told me she's recently broken up with her boyfriend and will soon need a job as she's on post-uni placement which will soon end, and asked me if there are any jobs where I work. The mind boggles at the thought of her and Elina vying for my attention.

Of course I am flattered by her, if a little embarrassed. I said I would probably go to Lambeth with her on Tuesday. I wish I could remember our first meeting, where I seem to have made such an impression.

I had a good run back, avoiding the Old Kent Road (and the Elephant) but still following a direct route. I got some ingredients and cooked some bean enchiladas for our lunches, using pasta, as I couldn't get any tortillas. And I couldn't find the vegan cheese I thought I'd bought at Waitrose.

I was missing Jack but I didn't take his call as it's annoying how I can never ring him after 22:00, the way he has his phone set. He IM'd to say his dad is worse, he doesn't do anything at all now, not even silly things. He just sits there doing nothing and hardly eating. I don't think he's got long to live.