The dead dreamer

Life of a dead girl in a dream
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2020-01-19 13:07:20 (UTC)


Came to know about Australian fires a week ago. I hope most people and animals and plants would be fine.
I am seriously wondering if the world is about to end. or maybe the world wont but humans and many other life forms will. is it just me feeling like lots of natural disaster, man made disaster and unrest has been occuring in all parts of the world for the past few years??
I had fever for the past one week, had to take leave from my project for about a week. I havent informed my guide about this ,i will join back tomorrow and tell her. I dont like sending texts ,feels too informal , neither do i like calling ,feels too bothersome. I know i might be sounding quite lazy(which i am btw), but thats how i am sadly. i feel really irritated when i recieve messages or calls and most of the times i dont even recieve them.
So my project started .the sample is really hard to collect. I have been running around a lot due to that . I started living in hostel near my institute with one of my friend. I dont have any problem living with her but damnn i HATE that room. I just dont want to stay there. Its dim lit with one small bulb,has one plugpoint only and thankfully one attached bathroom. LOTS of mosquitoes at night and the fan is there just for display, it rotates like twice per second. AND THE BED!!!! URGHHHHH!!!! the bed is the most annoying thing about that place. its made of metal not wood and has a sheet on it which keeps making SO much noise! every time i turn around or even just shift my weight a little it goes BOOM as if i just heard a thunder ! even my room-mate wakes up at least 10-20 times in the middle of the night due to its noise. same for me i wake up due to the noise her bed makes.No drinking water facility so i have to manage water by collecting it from the institute water filter, theres no resturant or food source so we have to eat food from institute canteen (which is good and cheap so i wont complain about that), theres a small tea stall near the hostel so at least i could drink some tea whenever i want. Even though the living condition is bad, i will still stay there till my project ends because
1. I already paid for it.
2. Theres no other hostel that near to the institute.
3. I have to work till 8pm everyday sometimes even 10 pm or 1 am , so its not like i will be spending a lot of time in my room anyway.