Experienced Life
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2020-01-18 23:38:29 (UTC)

Breakup DNA

I like my title. It takes some explaining to understand why. I’ve read and watch many videos about the DNA imbedded in people and why they do the things they do. I find It so fascinating. It also coincides with me thinking about other animals in nature. I live in Sacramento and I’ve seen the migration of salmon swimming upstream to spawn. I have a hard time catching them on my kayak. I have my fishing lines out and it’s shallow enough to see the fishes swimming upstream passing me by safely while I have two fishing lines out. Fricking salmon!!! Hard to catch but still cool to see nature in action. Anyway, I’m drifting here. These salmon are born and go downstream to kick back to the ocean to grow to be adults.,. maybe. If they make it, they come back to the same place they came from. Swimming upstream to spawn. I mean, why go back? Why not just do it somewhere closer? Why go back to where you came from? Seems stupid to me. But it’s in them fish. It’s in their DNA I guess. BTW, none of this is official. Just my halfwit thinking I know shit from the little I read.

Another example are penguins. They travel so far to breed and do the harshest things to hatch their eggs. If I were a penguin? Screw that shit. I’d swim to Hawaii and kick back in Waikiki and let the tourist throw French fries at me. Birds migrate too. Seals I read do the same. All of these animals do their thing. It’s not taught. It’s not like they practiced it. It’s just in them. It’s in their DNA.

So now, it leads me to what DNA habits are in humans. That is a mind blowing thought. We shouldn’t be in the same category right? We are self-aware so we should be different. But, I’ve read books and watched videos that man also has that shit in them. The topic for today is surviving. Apparently, this goes way back. Times when we were cave men. We grouped together back then. It gave us better chances of survival. If cast away, you won’t have a good chance to survive. Belonging in a tribe means you have a better chance of surviving. If you get kicked out of a tribe, you had a good chance of dying. Dying from other tribes, wild animals, etc, etc. So even though we are in the modern era, supposedly, that shit is still in us.

That’s why when we break up with our loved ones, you get this terrible feeling of being abandoned. Being abandoned means you won’t survive according to the dna programming in our brains. It’s just like being kicked out of your tribe back in the day. Solo is bad. Solo you die. So the fear supposedly is from there. If you break up, you will do anything to not let that happened. That’s why people beg and plead to keep their partner from breaking up. Promising to change to do better. Saying anything to keep them because to lose them is death via DNA. The DNA in them is telling them they will not survive without him/her. Cool reading. Cool videos about it.

Now to a real story I know of. A couple is getting divorced. The dude even when near the very end treats his wife like crap. But now when the end is near and starting to unfold and the divorce date is closing in, something clicks in his head and he now realizes it is true and it is happening. What also happens is his survival dna kicks in and he is now in panic mode. He is no better or worse than anyone. He is just experiencing the normal dna imbedded in us. He did and still does treat his stbx wife unfavorable but of course, in a state of panic, he will say and promise to do anything to keep her. Understood. Normal feelings so ok.

The only twist in this is if the wife will take him back after this plea. I guess in God’s eyes, that is what should happen so ok, let it be. The funny part to this is that this guy that wants to change for his wife and cancel their divorce happens to be the same woman that I call babe. Yup. The one that I love. So there is that. Lol. What will happen? I don’t know. My babe (his stbx) is of course confused. She don’t want to hurt anyone. She never did. She isn’t that kind of a person but it also clouds my future a little. Well, I guess it could really change things depending on what she decides. I don’t bother guessing and I can’t read minds the last time I checked so I won’t try now.

Life is fascinating and interesting. It’s sure not boring. I still got this. What do I do now? Just keep my baskets of life taken care of. I may have one or two with hiccups or get messed up but I know I got this. It will do what I need to do to keep on living life. I see clearly and knowing sometimes makes it easier. Going to give babe some space. She don’t need people telling he what and what not to do. She is a grown woman and she can make her own decisions.

So tonight's meal? Smoked salmon, chips, and a magnum bottle of champagne. Only fitting I think.