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2020-01-19 02:48:35 (UTC)

Uncertainty and Unknowns

Its me again writing another entry into my journal, a lot has happened. I met someone new but i am very shy at this point. I don't know what to say or what to do. I guess i am just walking into a unknown path or multiple passageways of possibilities, the possibilities of what could be on the girl's mind.
My current relationship is... a bit rocky honestly and no love seems to be present any further. The relationship has gone on for more two years now however with the lack of communication and things just falling on the way side, i have fallen out of love. A few years ago, when i first started dating her, the love was strong and passionate, unforgettable. No day ever passed me without thinking about her and many will say that is a good thing. A big agreement on that however i don't think its the same in 2020 here. Time seems to not be in the cards for both me and her; its very questionable specially if she has fallen out of love as well. Maybe she is scared to talk to me about it or she is still in love but things just aren't playing well for us sadly. I am hoping i can find a solution to this in some way or fashion, until then or figure this mess out, ill be hoping to have a reason to meet with the new girl and get to know her, one small step at a time. Perhaps over time, i may feel more alright then what i have been feeling as of recently.

Signing Off.