Carrie notes
2020-01-19 00:34:29 (UTC)

Who is your hero?

I looked up to my father as a child and still do today even though he is dead and gone. My father was a simple man who believes in family values, hard work, God, and country. Something he tried to instill into his children.
I watched as my father go from a hard working man to being pairalized and wheelchair bound at the blink of an eye . It hurt me to see him go down so fast! This man who went and fought in the Vietnam war. Then came home to manage PTSD before it was called PTSD. Oh but dad was quick with a joke and to teach his kids life lessons from time to time.
I lost this man my father 💔 5 years ago to ganggreen. I now spend my days wishing I had more time with my dad.

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