Carrie notes
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2020-01-19 00:13:01 (UTC)

Tom Snow

What did I ever see in you? I worked with you at one point and later become friends with you! When I had gotten raped and needed to move out of the trailer I was living in you gave me a place to stay! Of course I was thankful until I got to know you better.
Over time I learned you rather support your marijuana habit instead of paying your bills. Not only that you would bring home every stray human that didn't have a home expecting me to support them as well as you. I helped you pay your back bills when you got behind on your rent and your power got shut off!
Then when I moved into my first low-income apartment I discovered that the power was in my name not yours. How did you get the power in my name without my knowledge? Anyway my aunt helped me pay that bill off so I could have power in an apartment of my own.
I kept in touch with you at my aunt's request until you pissed her off! When my father died you promised her you would have a band and singer for my dad's funeral! You broke that promise and then some. Safely you treated like family by my family and you blew that all to hell .