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2020-01-19 00:35:25 (UTC)


I'm not sure why she's on my mind now.

Actually, I think I do know why. It happens to people like me when they find someone stronger. There's an immediate attraction with admiration at its core. As if mere contact would be enough to contract a small pinch of the superiority they have. I know it's wrong though, I know it's not right to want to take from another individual like that.

I also feel how close I am to infatuation; imagining a glance, a touch, a kiss. That's the first stage. It's all there just a few inches away from my toes, a red river with a strong current that might take me away if I take one more step. I know I ought to back away slowly, now while I see the bigger picture clearly.

Just close your eyes and back off. Don't even fantasise about it. It's way out of reach.