Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-01-18 10:49:28 (UTC)

It’s happening again

I don’t like living here, I don’t want to live here... I’m thinking about running away again. I’ve been feeling jaded since yesterday for nothing, i reheated chicken in a pan with eggs and greens for dinner and that took a lot out of me.. even playing a video game felt like a lot to handle. I played ES IV: Oblivion and i just walked into a wall to grind my sneak skill. This morning I played a bit more oblivion and dad told me to help papa with the house a bit more today because we’re still repairing from the black mold. I said okay but I really don’t want to. How can I explain? I’m not sure if I’m having anxiety attacks again.. it’s been so long I’ve become unfamiliar with them. I even got 9 hours of sleep... why am i so tired~