Carrie notes
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2020-01-18 03:04:58 (UTC)

Danny March

You were the first man I went to jail over. Of course the truth of the whole matter was you were the abusive one in our relationship! Oh but you of course lied and had me arrested.
Once the no contact order was lifted you tried luerring me back into your bed. Oh but after living with you and being knocked to the bathroom floor by you once and being arrested all because I wouldn't by you weed and beer to float the Boise River with.
I'm sorry but I was the soul support of the house at the time. I didn't do drugs or drink. So paying to get to Barbara park was all I could afford for entertainment. I struggled to even get the money for that.
But I wound up going to jail instead and moving out leaving you to support yourself. Of course when I moved into my first low-income apartment you happen to live in the building next door.
You tried making me the bad guy one day while you were drunk. Instead of fighting with you I walked away because after all you are not worth my time. I hope whoever your with likes supporting you.

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