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2020-01-18 02:47:14 (UTC)

Adolfo (Blacky) Guajrado

You moved in with me in Mountain Home Idaho while being married to a woman in Boise Idaho. You have children my age but wanted to sleep with me in my bed. In your mind I guess you thought this was right.
What makes me mad 😡 is you told me you would help pay half the bills when you moved in with me! In reality you supported your now ex-wife and your four grown kids. Then when it came to putting food in my house where you lived you resorted to 5 finger discount.
I tried throwing you out of my house instead I went to jail. I spent a year on probation and in and out of Elmore county jail. I wound up losing my father and moving back to Boise Idaho while trying to get rid of your sorry ass.