Carrie notes
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2020-01-18 02:00:36 (UTC)

Donald Paradis

In a way I miss you but in a way I'm glad your gone! I met you when I lived at Barton apartments 5306 West State Street Boise Idaho 83703. I just thought you were a nice guy who had been helping me out.
Then I saw the news where you were aquited for murder and up on charges for holding a 9 mm to a guy's head. Once I found that out I spent a lot of time trying to get rid of you.
You kept coming around wanting blowjobs and complaining about my aunt being my payee. To hear you tell it I was supposedly a victim.
I moved while you were doing a 6 month rider in prison thinking you would never find me. I was wrong you found me after you got paroled. But knowing I was on probation I knew I couldn't be around you.
Of course you said this place 1555 West Franklin Street apartment 2409 is just like where I used to live. Wrong I don't depend on you here like I did there.