Carrie notes
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2020-01-18 01:25:15 (UTC)

Why I Have A Payee

About ten years or so ago I my aunt became my payee over my disability benefits. It wasn't that I couldn't manage my own money, I was tiers of being taken advantage of and being played a fool!
There was an endless line of men who were coming in and out of my life who thought cool she has an income I'll just let Carrie support me.
1. Danny March
2. Drew W Wright
3. William Byrd SR.
4. James Shoemaker
5. Tom Snow
6. Adolfo ( Blacky) Guajardo SR.
7. Donald Paradis
I hooked up with each and every one of these men and wound up getting into trouble with the law at some point, or just went broke supporting them. That is why at 48 years old my aunt is my payee. It's safe to say my money is spent on me and my bills are paid. Even better yet there is no man in my life at this point and yes I'm happy