Carrie notes
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2020-01-18 00:24:43 (UTC)


Hold on folks I know I deleted a lot of entries tonight. But it's high time I kick this story of my life in gear and have it be based on what happens from day to day. I don't garentee everything will be all smiles. But I do garentee you will get to know the real me.
I will talk about the men I dated, the one man I married, why I have a payee over my disability benefits at 48 years old, why I gave my children up for adoption, and maybe somehow I will find happiness through it all. Oh don't worry I hold my head high today but that's because I don't want to show my true feelings in public.
Just remember I'm the girl that gets accused of fucking or sucking any man who comes through my door.
Yes, I'm the girl who prefers to stay away from gossip and drama.
I'm the girl who hides my pain with a smile.
I'm the girl who went to jail because a neighbor wouldn't mind her own business.
I'm the girl who wouldn't date because you accused her of fucking every man who comes through my door.
So as I sit here to night I know I'm the girl who is deleting the old entries in this diary and making a new.
I'm the girl that from today forward is turning this into my life story.

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