London Life
2020-01-17 23:33:37 (UTC)

The Girl On The Train

Elina has told me she heard my manager tell Serena that he's leaving the job. So last night I said to Serena, "Is Ash leaving?". This was supposed to be ambiguous, as he was just putting his coat on to go home. He must have heard me, as first thing this morning he IMd to ask who told me he was leaving. If I'd have stopped to think I could have said "oh are you leaving?". He obviously heard me talking to Serena last night, so I could have claimed I was talking about him going home. But I had to say it was Elina who told me.

So when she came in, he wrote to her and asked if she had told me. What he didn't realise was that I was overlooking her screen as he was writing. Between us we managed to muddy the waters and say it may have been confusion about the vacant job above him. Anyway as he's told Serena, Laila and the SM that he's been offered another job, he can hardly complain if it gets out.

Worked hard on the Top 100 today, then couldn't post it, as the site was down. Went with Elina, Mark B and Adrian to the pasta place at lunchtime. This wasn't much fun and I realised I prefer to keep Elina to myself. Selena joined us to eat on the 5th floor. Later Elina herself was looking at job vacancies at the GLA, and she said "of course you'd have to come with me if I go there Lisa" which was so sweet. She was very touchy-feely with me today.

After work I had a coffee with Jack at the cinema, he'd brought in my warm football clothes to change into, as I'd run into work. The BBC said they could have been 5-0 up in half an hour, but they seem to be getting better at preserving a narrow lead.

I just got a seat on the tube, then two girls with North American accents got on the train with high hemlines and bare legs, despite the season. They had to stand, so I had a perfect view of one of the girls' shapely thighs which were a few centimetres from my eyes. She was wearing a black dress which was so tight it needed a slit down the thigh.

She was telling her mini-skirted friend how she once lost her balance on a train, but fell against an old man, so it was "not a sexually stimulating situation". It was me who got sexually stimulated when she lifted her knee to demonstrate this, with her shoe up on her shin. All the time I was looking, she never tugged her tight dress back down, so whenever she shifted at all, a bit more leg was on show.

A third girl who was with them, for some reason started playfully pushing from behind with her chest, pushing the two thigh-flashing girls towards each other, which was interesting. Eventually the train got less busy and the tight-dress girl sat down opposite me (an interesting movement in itself), so I saw how pretty she was. I didn't get to read much of my football programme...