London Life
2020-01-17 17:10:44 (UTC)

Bombay Bicycle Club

Cycled into work and found my manager was sitting behind me again, but to avoid him I went the other side of the building. My day was brightened by the most beautiful girl in the whole organisation, Abi, visiting London and passing by my desk. While sorting out my stuff at the end of the day, and going out to get Jack some food, I somehow lost my work pass.

We went all the way to Kingston to see Bombay Bicycle Club. We headed straight there after work and stopped for a coffee at the cinema, not very pleasant surroundings but a place we knew would still be open. Jack happened to see his friend and her wife there, who'd been to see a film.

Jack had made another booking error in that he only got one ticket, but we waited outside the venue for a bit, and a lad turned up who hadn’t got any ID, so we bought his ticket. The New Slang club has moved to Pryzm, a big venue close to the station. The security is still very tight, you have to empty your pockets and handbags at the entrance.

Inside, the venue looks like an ornate old music hall, on three levels, like a smaller version of Koko. We found a good vantage point at the top of the short flight of stairs down to the dance floor. It was noticeable how empty the bar area was, kids of today just don't drink.

The band came on on time and did about 55 minutes. They look so old, two of them have gone bald, they were still at school when we first saw them in 2008. Some of the audience here would have been only 6 then. They did mostly recent material, also one song of the 2008 set (Always Like That), and a handful of other later singles. Got to bed about 1:00.