Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2020-01-17 10:10:55 (UTC)

The Emptiness + Opinions On Canadians (I Know, So Random!)

I am accepting the emptiness that my life has become. I accept that it's what and who I am now. As long as I am kind to other people and don't complain (out loud) at work, I will get through each and every day. I'm sleeping somewhat better. About 6 hours a night. I need more than that, but it is restful sleep. This weather is going to kill me. I'm sick of New England. I don't get why people choose to live here, even if they were born here. I'm from southern California, though. Honestly, if it weren't for Justin Trudeau, I wouldn't mind living in Canada, despite the weather. It's not always about that. If Canadians are as nice as they are stereotypically presented to be, that would be my reason for wanting to live there, rather than here, even though it's still freezing cold.

And just a random point, except for certain weird pronunciations of words (such as 'about,' like 'aboot,' forgive me if that's another stereotype!), I think Canadians speak perfect English. When I first started watching Eric Van Wilderman on YouTube, I thought he was from The United States, but I couldn't figure out where. I thought and still think, that he speaks perfect English. When I found out he was Canadian, I was like, 'Oh that makes sense.' Lol. I honestly do think Canadians speak better English than the British and The United States!