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2020-01-16 02:10:24 (UTC)

Walk With Me

I picked a playlist I hadn't listened to in a while and walked my dog. I remember compiling it at a different time but also in the middle of winter. A year has passed already. Curiously enough, I remembered listening to the songs and walking, I remember the thoughts I had, the ideas they gave me, but there was none of the emotions invoked the first time. You immediately remember everything with music, right? You hear a song and the first thing that comes to you is a feeling. Well, I didn't recall. And when we walked by Elie I felt nothing.

More and more I've been feeling a little dread when it comes to walking in town. Being so exposed to people in the open started to bother me. And yet, today, when I turned right on the second junction I was aware I would probably always be safe, because I was the person mouthing the lyrics openly and unabashed as her dog walks in a steady pace a few inches in front of her. There was nothing alluring about it, nothing attractive or sexy, perfectly invisible but also, someone on the opposite side of not giving a fuck.

The town is still lit even though it's mid January already. I have to say though, the Christmas tree looked amazing on a clear night as tonight.

I went home thinking of green eyes.