London Life
2020-01-15 22:53:55 (UTC)

'The Gentlemen' film, Jack's hotel blunder

'The Gentlemen' which we saw last night was an entertaining and well-structured drug-runners film, with a few twists, set in London and which included scenes along the canal opposite the Chinese Junk restaurant I often run past. The massive secret underground cannabis factories were implausible - someone would have had to be employed to build them with large machinery, and people working there now would be seen and would be likely to talk.

We didn't wake until 09:01 this morning which was all right for me as I was working from home, though I didn't wear sex-clothes this time. I saw a horrible mouse in the kitchen - only the third time I've seen one (Jack's seen several when he's been up late). I shoved a net-vest in the gap where he ran in under the sink units, but Jack says he'll find another way out.

Met Jack for a coffee after work. He showed me the two hotels he had booked for our return trip to Devon. I had to choose which one to cancel. The one I chose, he had booked the wrong dates, so he went to change the dates but you couldn't on the booking site because it was 50% unrefundable! Good thing I didn't want to cancel that one. They wanted to charge £35 for a dates change, so we left it as it was. I told him never again to book a place without me checking and certainly not late at night when he's half asleep. He's much more impulsive than me.

I went with Hanri, two girls and the bloke from Liverpool to collect discarded Christmas trees in Kentish Town. It was a bit late in January to be doing this, and we only got six. Going back, I spoke to the girls about Badminton leagues, and allergies.

Beforehand I'd accidentally tripped up sweet Katie with a small backward movement of my heel. She went flat on her front. I asked Rachel about her Hong Kong trip and how the locals lived with the protests. Mainly I wanted to reassure her that I wasn't going to be kissing her every week, as I did at Christmas.

In the pub, Liz had made vegan chocolate cake. I spoke to Rosie about her injury and her "new" job. I exchanged a few words with Dom, the first time since his strange IM throwing me out of the Southwark WhatsApp group. Also chatted to a girl about her trip to Mexico at Christmas and forgot I'd spoken to her only last night about where she works in Fulham. Managed a quick chat with sexy Rita before she left.

Also talked to Ben and Cas about the Aussie fires and how their Government is still in denial about climate change. Cas then brought up HS2, so I kept it factual. I ran home but couldn't record it as my phone was on 1%.

Saw Catriona, Hayley and P briefly beforehand but they didn't come to the pub.