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2020-01-15 05:16:35 (UTC)

The Gang is Back 💪

The gym started it's new 6 week challenge yesterday. That means lots of newbies at the gym and lots of oldies coming back too. Not old old but former gym members that haven't been back in awhile. Also, my Superstar friend is back from her Mexico Church thing. I think it may be called retreat but it was like a 3-4 month retreat. She probably helped build a village there by now. Haven't seen her since a couple days after my surgery when she and her friend came over to visit me. That'd be like early August of 2019? That's 5 months so yeah, she was out of shape. Didn't get fat but she wasn't so superstarish yesterday.

When we broke up into a smaller group as we always do when class starts, we were a group of 5. So maybe we had 6 groups of 5 for the six different stations we were doing that day. Anyway, of the five of us, I was the newbie of the group and I've been with the gym for over 2 years now. It was really good to see everyone from the past return. Hopefully they stay and not just an impulse to try to make a new year's resolution and fail. Lots of new people too as expected. For me, it's easy. I go anyway and it's not a new year's resolution thing. It's my normal routine now. Just like coffee in the morning. Speaking of, my Keurig just finished making my coffee.

AAhhh. Coffee is good. God was great to make coffee beans exist. So, I'm doing my usual poking of the body prodding myself and I feel my arms and some chest muscles hurt. Abs are ok and legs feel fine. Although the workout from yesterday may not hurt till later today. My meals were good. All healthy meals and a protein shake in the morning. Didn't weigh myself yet but since it's early in the week, I'm sure I'm on the upper side of my allowed weight range due to the debauchery of the body from partying last weekend. By Friday, I should be back on the lower range. If not, that means I need to go to the Saturday morning workout too.

Work is great. I was stuck with some access issues because we are migrating to some new apps. Authenticating to some apps were a bee-atch. But it's starting to trickle in and I got to do my work. For lunch, we had a healthy salad again with my work husband. lol. That's what my ex used to tell me because we always have lunch with each other. We usually talk shop at lunch but this time, we talked about the new Series popping up on Netflix. I haven't been catching up on the latest greatest stuff to watch. Don't seem to have enough time to do so.

My ironing is starting to pile up. Got two baskets of clean clothes to fold and I'm sure I have to iron some of those. Room is starting to look a little messy. Not much. I just have to mop the bathroom, wipe down the counters and pick up some clothes off of the floor.

So as you can see. A drama free and good day for me which I like and so grateful to finally be able to have. No texts from negative people which is perfect. No work drama which sometimes happen. All my baskets of life is resonating perfectly for now. All good for now peeps. Gotta enjoy them while I can.

Digital Ocean
Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.