London Life
2020-01-14 23:49:57 (UTC)

The Bald Faced Stag

Ran into work today for the first time this year and no surprise, I was two minutes slower than average. I gamely tried to get my work up to date, with my manager sitting behind me today. Elina came in after lunch, I saved her a seat and we arranged lunch on Friday. She was a bit bothered I was catching up on work instead of giving her my full attention.

While using my newly-opened drawer I enjoyed looking at a lady I hadn't seen before, who's jumper was wrapped very snuggly around her shapely breasts. But it was disappointing to learn that slim Lekisha who likes to show her attractive legs, (and catches me lovingly hugging Jack) is leaving on Monday.

After work we had time for a large coffee (which had me dashing to the Ladies' during the film), then to the Odeon to see 'The Gentleman' before I rushed off to the pub.

At the Bald Faced Stag pub I spoke to the ever-upbeat Rob about the changing demographics of politics, to the beautiful Charlotte and her accomodating friends, to Fiona about pub quizzes, to Sally about XR and the South-Eastern police, who wanted teachers to report to the Prevent anti-terrorism scheme anyone who showed concern about pollution, climate change etc - she'd have had to report herself as a teacher and an active member of Extinction Rebellion - to Mumtaz of course, and to the stunning blonde Clair.