London Life
2020-01-13 16:38:19 (UTC)

Oscar Lang gig

A large group of shapely young tourists who I saw on my way in to work yesterday, seemed to be competing for who could wear the shortest skirt, much to my delight. But when I went to the 6th floor for lunch, I didn’t take my glasses, so I missed getting a proper gaze at Helen who was walking up and down on the phone, showing off her beautiful straight jet-black hair, great figure and slim legs which are always fully on show beneath her tiny skirt.

It was good being able to listen to ‘Audition’ on Amazing Radio and the Radio 1 Indie Show while I finished off the Top 100 in the office, and loaded the new releases. I could leave most of the proper work until Tuesday when my managers would be in the office.

After work I left Jack on the bus and did a litter-pick in Euston Square with Abi and Sally. They suggesting coming to Ally Pally wih them on Saturday rather than Dulwich (and for a drink in Finchley tomorrow rather than Lambeth)
which made me think I should spend more time with my existing friends sometimes, rather than forever be looking for new people to talk to.

Afterwards I went to the Lexington with Jack to see Oscar Lang and Alfie Templeton. I first met Jack going to see bands like the Libertines, but we've been neglecting this option recently, since we last saw the Orielles. Anyway we missed Sinead O'Brien who replaced the advertised Phoebe Green but who has received some attention and I would have liked to have seen.

Alfie Templeton was OK, a restrained guitar band, if nothing particularly original, but Oscar Lang played beautiful summery dream-pop which would have worked even better in a sun-drenched festival in June, than in windy drizzly Islington in January. But it was lovely until they did three "new songs" which were not particularly interesting takes on rock and roll and psychedelic rock. He should definitely stick to the dream-pop. (search: Oscar Lang - "Hey" )

He grows his blonde hair like a girl, and had restrained ladies' make-up on (i.e.what you put on to face the world in the morning, rather than "going out" style). He looked quite good actually, except that this girly look emphasised that he was actually overweight. And he sounded like a right prat with the "big front-man" rubbish he spoke between songs, as if he was a star at some huge festival.