The hate u give

Real ass nigga haha
2020-01-14 18:21:49 (UTC)

You're dead like me

I knew she was fake. She acted like she cared, like she could save me. I scoff everytime i think of her. You thought you were better than me? Yeah right fuck you. I knew you would run away just like everyone haha. God i cant believe i was fooled again. Im really mad they didn't have the balls to confront me. Im happy actually. I know they will die soon because they were too scared to end things properly. They will always run, when shit gets tough. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't sad though. I did push them away. I ignored them. They made me smile and laugh and made promises they couldnt keep. I don't blame them, they have problems they have to deal with, but they also knew my feelings and still chose to be uncompassionate after knowing how id feel. It really does hurt. Fuck you for caring for me, for sharing with me, for being with me when i needed someone most. Fuck you for being so damn nice. Maybe me being a "nice, sweet, sad, and caring" person isn't so bad. I've always wanted to change and be perfect and attract a lot of women, but I'm okay with who i am and my feelings.

I hope they get this sign. If i talk to them what would they think? I don't know. Should i talk to them? Yes. Will i? No. Why? Because they were mean to me. Well no they weren't, they were just scared of me 😭. I dont blame them. They were not what i wanted. I give up easy, recently ive pushed but now i want to give up again. Sigh.