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Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi? Who created the art of Tai Chi? What are
the benefits of Tai Chi?
All these questions are to be expected. Let’s
start with its creation. It is believed that Tai Chi
originated in the late 14th century or, early 15th
century. Zhang San-Feng was a wandering Taoist monk.
Zhang San-Feng had been well trained in the martial arts.
While traveling down a road one day he ran upon a snake and
a crane. – The crane had the snake trapped in his beak.
The snake then proceeded to escape from the crane. The
snake did this through tactical, relaxed, and graceful
movements. Inspired by the snake’s movements, Zhang San-
Feng formed the art of Tai Chi. Tai Chi emphasizes
strength, flexibility and balance. Tai Chi also emphasizes
speed and relaxed movements.
To understand Tai Chi a little better let me
explain to you what Taoism is. In English it translates
into the way, or path. Taoism is a five-thousand year old
natural science. It is believed to be created by Lao-Tse,
a Confucius contemporary. He was searching for away to get
away from the constant struggles and warfare of life. Some
believe he is a mythical character. It was based on the
endevours of the indiviuals dedicated to understanding the
laws that govern life. His works resulted in a book called
Tao-Te-Ching. Zhang San-Feng followed this religion and
believed strongly in it. This was the religion that was
the basis for the peaceful yet powerful Tai Chi.
In Chinese’s Tai Chi translates into “Great Ultimate.” Tai
Chi is practiced most commonly as a form of health
relaxation based on Yin and Yang. One of the goals of Tai
Chie is to reach a calm, relaxed, and clear-headed state of
mind. In Tai Chi, the exercises are done in sets called
forms. Forms usually have names such as, “hand strums the
lute”, “part the wild horses mane”, and “grasp the birds
tail.” These forms are slow relaxed movements. These
movements are intended to relax the body. These movements
are intended to clear ones mind putting the in an almost
meditative state. The flowing, graceful forms of Tai Chi
can look very impressive. The basis of Tai Chi is based on
the Yin and Yang. The basis of Yin and Yang is the idea
that, all experiences are expressed through, complimenting
yet opposing forces. – Examples of Yin and Yang could be
male and female, night and day, and winter and summer. In
a way the Yin and Yang are the two things we struggle to
balance through out our entire span of life. Yin and Yang
are worst things in life and the best things in life. In
Tai Chi being double waited is, being confused and
stressed. This is unwanted because it makes both Yin and
Yang are unequally balanced. This cause an inability to
express ones self, and is undesirable.
One of the main goals of Tai Chi is to increase the
flow of chi in your body. So in a sense, Tai Chi is an
exercise for your kidneys. – Yes your chi is stored in your
kidneys. Chi is the substance in your body that prevents
disease in Chinese’s medicine. By performing the elegant,
slow, and flowing forms of Tai Chi, the chi starts its
circulation through the body. The forms help to get it
spread throughout the body more evenly. Forms of Tai Chi
spread throughout the body. When there is a disturbance in
the chi disease will set in. So in this way Tai Chi is
thought to prevent disease.
Although Tai Chi is usually peaceful it can also be
a powerful form of martial arts. Those who have practiced
Tai Chi long enough can also become adept at martial arts.
According to a traditional Chinese’s story, in the 19th
century, Tai Chi master Yang Lu-Chan fought more than
200,000 times in the style of Tai Chi without losing. – If
you believe this or not, it shows that if practiced hard
enough, if practiced long enough it can be a powerful
martial arts.
Tai Chi also has a beneficial effect on, physical
condition, and balance. The benefit of the balance is that
it can help to prevent falls at an older age. Tai Chi is a
relaxed but intense exercise, which requires great
concentration. In a test to see the benefits, of Tai Chi
twenty-eight sixty-seven and a half year old men with long
term Tai chi experience and thirty sixty year old men that
didn’t have experience in Tai Chi. The test checked
resting heat rate, right leg and single leg stance. The
test also checked a three-minute step test. The Tai Chi
group proved to test better than the normal group.
Favorable results of results of the Tai Chi that were shown
in the test were balance control, flexibility, and
cardiovascular fitness in older adults.
Another benefit is that it can help people with
severe back pain. People with back pain of ages eighteen
through sixty-five were taught around 11 forms of Tai Chi.
After learning the forms the patients were asked to
practice them at least once a week. After about six weeks
those participating noticed a great relief of pain in their
Another more active form of Tai Chi, is the art of
Tai Chi Chuan. In Chinese’s Tai Chi Chuan translates into
“great ultimate fist.” It varies from Tai Chi in that it
is more a form of Chinese’s boxing. Tai Chi Chuan is a
more intense version of the relaxed Tai Chi. It requires
great discipline and a strong will. When practiced long
enough it can be executed very well in battle and self-
defense. Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi is a very diversified activity. It can be used as
a peaceful relaxation exercise, or a powerful form of
martial arts. It can be used to improve balance and speed
or cardiovascular disease and back pain. Tai Chi has a
rich history full of stories and ideas. Tai Chi is an
interesting form of martial arts. It has endured through
many centuries and is fastly gaining popularity throughout
the world.
Some things that interested me about Tai Chi were the names
of the forms. They interested me because they were based
on things that reflect the time era it was created. Such
as “hand strums the lute.” A lute was a renascence
instrument. It was shaped like pear and is similar to a
guitar. The names were also based on animals. They names
were creatively made to inspire images of doing the forms
name in your mind. Another aspect of Tai Chi that I liked
was that it was not only for martial arts but also for
health and relaxation. It was not made to cause violence
or hurt people. Although it has self-defense techniques,
it is more to promote a health body.
Tai Chi provides a wide range of things to do and since
there is more than one style there is always new things to
learn. Tai Chi is a relaxing health exercise and a
powerful form of martial arts. Zhang San-Feng created it
inspired by the inspirational escape of a snake from a
crane. There are two types of benefits in Tai Chi. The
first is it promotes the flow of the chi throughout the
body. By getting the chi flowing your body is in a
healthier more disease prone state. The second benefits
of Tai Chi are the physical ones. These benefits include
better balance, better flexibility, and better
cardiovascular circulation.
Tai Chi is an exciting exercise. It is mind relaxing, and
body satisfying. Through many years of practice one can
find a relaxing form of exercise to practice when they are
stressed. Its benefits will go with you throughout life.
By practicing with long, hard, determination you can become
an experienced Tai Chi expert. Tai Chi experts are usually
not certified but have many years of experience. So if one
day you aspire to lead a Tai Chi class, prepare to put in
many long hard hours of practice. A Tai Chi master does
not have any certifications. A Tai Chi master usually has
around 14 to 16 years experience when he starts.
There are some interesting terms in Tai Chi. One such term
is Tai Chi Trunk. The basis of the Tai Chi trunk is that
the pelvis shoulders and head are not all-separate units in
the upper body, but one single unit that works together.
When the 3 parts move singularly it cause the body break.
The poor movement patterns such as bending, leaning and
twisting are what cause this to happen. These movements
have a stressful effect on the body because they are
repeated hundreds of times a day. The body is thought as a
trunk of tree. Where there is stress and tension the trunk
has broken. The poor performance can also have a
detrimental effect on the performance and health of the
organs. The Tai Chi trunk is a pattern that elimnates the
old way of moving and causes one to move the head and
shoulders with the pelvis. Thus stopping the breaking and
the trunk and causing it to be able to repair. When a
person understands the idea of the Tai Chi trunk completely
they will have a sense of moving from the center using the
upper body in a vertical way.
Although most Tai Chi experts have taught by teacher to
student, some Tai Chi masters have taken the incentive to
write books. Book writing started with Zhang San-Feng.
The books describe personal and devoloped understandings of
the art of Tai Chi. The important thing about these
writings is that they pass down the traditons and
principals of the art. The writings, though they may be
few, never preach that one form is the best. They
encourage the practice of more than one and that you
expirement in the many forms. The classic values are not
meant to negate the importance of studying with a master.
Some may feel it is better to learn from a real teacher
while others may think its better to learn from readings.
Tai Chi is a divirsified art. It takes a lot of discipline
and concentration. To master it takes years. Once
mastered it can be taught to others or taken to another
level. Tai Chi is an interesting art, passed on for many
centuries. Tai Chi will most likely be around for many
many years with its growing popularity.

This is what most of my free time the last few days have
been spent on. Yes lets all hope this is 20 minutes long.
Its very stressful. I make it tommorow. Well heres hoping.

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