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2020-01-13 23:45:34 (UTC)

Rule No. 2 (For Work)

Rule No. 1 for work was in the last entry. I don't know about writing that song, but I came up with another rule for work. So, to review: Rule number one was don't rush around when I'm not at work. There's no need to. I work in fast food and I rush around there, but I want to keep that habit separate from my life outside of work. It's a good way of "not bringing work home with you." Okay that's rule number 1. Rule number 2 that I just came up with is: don't let people annoy me. I need to let so much of what people do, go, unless they are doing something incredibly stupid/hazardous, obviously. That would be when I would need to speak up. Now, I have a goal of being indifferent and detached. If I am to truly be that way, than the annoying habits of others will not annoy me.

So, not only is this a new rule for work, it is a new goal for myself -- specifically at work, but it can apply elsewhere, as well -- do not allow others to annoy me. Hell, I'm a little late, but that could be my new year's resolution, as well. Though, I would rather it not be because im not trying to put any kind of pressure on myself.

When I come up with another rule and/or goal for work and/or life, in general, I will write about it!

Ciao for now!

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