always wth love

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2020-01-13 10:53:02 (UTC)

Something is Rare about me

Is it depression or loneliness begin again...
Its been quite hard to take ownership what am suddenly feeling lately. Its quite hard subside from my grasp with the memories of my ex. I thought it was unique love but it was so Rare to understand myself at the time. Now, its been year into the Decade of the New Year. These memories flood in so quieting in the early morning which am not custom to right now. I don't want it hold me back what Gods has for me for someone special. I feel uneasy to take on whats happening around me. I feel so disconnect to my friends, grandparents and uncle that i have built myself. I look at my past and I see things, I want that for myself now being in this decade. I don't know how to manage the faith I have towards our God. I feel it so much in now since starting last part of college education. The plans after settling in next chapter of my life, I will seek therapist to help me cope with my depression. As for now, I'll try to stay a float within the water try not drown into something that isn't quite healthy for me for my soul. I so don't like winter it brings out the worst of me, I havent felt this uncomfortable with my emotions since I had first started college. I will update guys later closer to my birthday month.
Albums that I love Rare, Songs for You
Peace in always wth love.