London Life
2020-01-12 22:39:40 (UTC)

Mulching, running and cleaning

I woke with a slightly fuzzy head after two quick, strong drinks at lunch time yesterday. I arranged to get to the Overground just in time for a train, but there wasn't one coming for 22 minutes. The bus ride from Richmond to Kingston was beautiful, I must do a walk there with Jack sometime.

We were planting pear trees in Fishponds Park. I learned a lot about the reasons for using mulch, and how grass actually gives out substances to deter rival plants. As we had to wait for a particular gadget to be available, I went on a litter pick and got a lot of cans from the bushes by the road. I helped put a guard round a tree. Beth and Helen from Hammersmith & Fulham were there, as well as a pretty and confident local girl, Nat, and some other locals. Beth said there had been some mutterings at head office about some of the simple litter picks bring added this rmonth.

I planned to run back as far as I could. I planned a back-street route as far as Kingston Hill, but then unfortunately I bypassed the magnificent Richmond Park, which I'd planned to run through. I did some of Wimbledon Common but I also missed Putney Heath, running through the old bus route through Roehampton and then the back streets of Putney. I stopped in Fulham after 17km, got some houmous, chiabata, orange juice and the FL Paper and got the bus home.

I had hoped to do some work on the Top 100, which is overdue but having got some shopping and wanting to do some cooking (pasta), I didn't have time as I was off to help clean the Arc Centre in Islington. I went towards Highbury on my bike, instead of towardsThe Angel, so I was the laat to arrive.

I said hello to Liz, Patrick, Abi and Beth, then I saw Flavia who seemed so keen on me last time we met. She said "I must have a photo with you again". She does seem to attach herself to me, not sure why. Also Nurj seems to hero-worship me a bit. She has said before that I turn up everywhere, now she is saying my name in full and saying, "everyone loves her", which is clearly not the case. I would like to see what Flavia and Nurj are like when I'm not there, do they big-up other people? Anyway I was pictured with my arms tightly round both of them at the end.

I talked to a plain but pretty new girl Sarah who lives in Bethnal Green, who I was sure I'd seen before, I said it must have been her long-lost twin sister. I was embarrassed for her at Simon's poor organisation, he didn't describe the different "ways-of" very well and didn't organise the routine in the park well either. He now works in Aldgate, not Holborn.

It was nice to be reminded how many friends I've got here and to feel part of things again. Yesterday when I was at football I felt isolated from the people on WhatsApp at Ally Pally. Abi told me the drink afterwards was good, I said those ones always are.

Liz today started to say how she remembers random little things, but instead of letting you contribute your own experiences, she talked on in detail about herself. She doesn't really understand how conversation works. Anyway I cycled home, getting Jack some tea cakes for 15p (but Warburton'!) and managed to throw together some meals for this week., before he came in.