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2020-01-12 08:49:23 (UTC)

Busy weekend 🙄

Didn't write in a few days. Been busy. Last Friday's gym class was interesting. Sarah was there. Sorta kinda was flirting with her these past 4-6 months. Nothing really. Just chatting about which gyms we go to and stuff. She talked about our new gym that opened up that's sort of nearby. It's the biggest gym we have of all the gyms here. They bought and took over a former gym so the equipment is still there and instead of just crossfit classes, they offer spin (bike) classes like what you see on some places where there is an instructor on a stationary bike yelling or inspiring you to go go go. haha.

Anway, Sarah told me I should go there and check it out one day. Told her that I go to church and surviving an hr on a bike class, I'd need to go to church before to pray I survive anyway. She laughed and we chatted a little more till I cut it off because my other friends were leaving the gym already and I wanted to say bye to them. They don't go on Saturdays so I wouldn't see them till Monday.

After that, I went to the Costco nearby to get my groceries. Flowers were doing ok so I thought this time, no one will give me any crap about who and what those flowers were for. This time, I just bought normal staple food. Chips, chicken, veggies, chip dips, some frozen panko shrimp, and some frozen jalapeño poppers. Normal stuff.

I got to the cashier. There are two per line. One to ring up and the other loads the food back into the cart. Faster that way. I thought I was Scott free to go when the lady that was loading my cart stopped and said "These chips are really good. You can make some awesome nachos with these. She went ahead and started telling me what kind of toppings I can put on them and how delicious it'll be. Then she said let me show you some pics on my phone to show you what they look like". I'm thinking...What?! Do I really care? Oh man!! But instead I just smile and to be polite, I said "Sure, I'd like to see some pics". Mind you that there is a line of people waiting for their food to be rung up too and here I am looking at this cashier's phone looking at pics. She scrolls through her phone to proceed to show me her nachos pics or whatever it is she wants to show me. Scrolling along some other pics that I was or was not meant to see. Finally, I see the pics of the fancy nachos and I again said in my fake response "Wow! they do look great. I will give it a try. Thank you for showing it to me". Of course, I was too ashamed to look at the people in line because yeah, it was maybe 4 or 6 deep in shopping carts. So yeah, I skedaddled my ass outta there as fast as I could hoping I get to my truck really fast without the customers in line seeing what vehicle I drive and to avoid them giving me the finger for holding up the line.

Then yesterday, I had my friend come over to watch the game. He was a 49er fan. I wasn't. Don't have a favorite team anymore because the team I like isn't in the playoffs. We had snacks and I already started on the wine. When the game was over, he left and my other group of buddies came over to watch the 2nd game. This time, we really hit the alcohol hard. We had wine for sure but I started to make dirty Vodka martinis using jalapeño stuffed olives for it. It was good. Knocked me the hell out for a bit and I slept well last night for sure.

I think I"m coming down with something though. Last Friday, I didn't have the strength or will power to do my extra jump roping. I usually do my 1/2 hr before and after class. But this time, I just left after class. Yesterday, I fell asleep while watching the 2nd game with my friends. This morning, I think I'm ok. Can't really tell because I'm just kicking back in bed drinking coffee chatting with my babe. Now while I'm posting this, I got the sniffles.

Also, I seem to have a rash that itches around parts of my back and sides. Wondering what the heck you know? Then I now recall that I had a flu shot recently. I wasn't going to get one but my ex scientist Blue Faye told me a month or two ago that it was going to be bad this year. Some people are dying from it. So like a dumbass, I listened. Now I believe I have an allergic reaction to it. Trying not to scratch because I know it'll make it worse but sigh.... this is not what I needed.

On the lighter side, my shoes that I bought from Groupon came in sometime last week. It's so dang cheap and it looks pretty cool. I don't have brown boots but I have two of them now. Otherwise, all is ok. Friends are coming over today to watch the other two football games. Going to church this morning to try to get the heathen out of me. hehe.

That's all I got for today. All is pretty good. I finished a project last Friday for Covered California. So their network will be bigger and better soon. They won't want to turn up this new connection till after all the new enrollees are completed for their medical enrollments.

This is my Li Hing Mui infused dirty vodka martini with the jalapeño stuffed olives. Sounds pretty fancy huh? Nah, it just gets you wasted like any other drink.

This is the bag of chips the cashier made a big deal about.

My roses are still going strong so I didn't have to buy another bunch at Costco just yet.

My boots that came in and I just had to try them when I just got home from the gym so yeah, doesn't quite match with gym shorts on but the boots re pretty cool. Only something like $35 each too. It's a groupon sale so yeah, not from Macy's and don't know the quality of them too.

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