The dead dreamer

Life of a dead girl in a dream
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2020-01-12 08:35:26 (UTC)


I feel blank.. like what the hell am i doing with my life? My dream was to travel to far away places, how the hell did i end up doing science? I feel trapped with no escape. i just want to run away to a place where no one knows me and can find me. I dont want family, friends or relatives. just me. a pet would be nice. in some cold region. simple modest job ,small house or apartment. I dont want to be rich, i just want enough money to go through day to day life. want to farm,grow more plants and trees. feed more animals, help more strangers in ways i could.
I dont even want to marry or have kids. I just cant imagine living my entire life with one more adult human. maybe in future i might adopt a kid. i dont know maybe in future i might change my mind about marriage too but as of now, i just want to be alone.
I just want to live a humble life where i wont be judjed for being humble.
there are so many regrets i have collected in my 22 yrs of life that i feel like i have aged over 50.